Overview and History

Small World Christian Kindergarten was established in Hong Kong in 1986. Gail Maidment, the Executive Director of Generations Christian Education, was given a vision for the education of young children during her training with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), an interdenominational Christian mission organization. Since 1986, the school has grown from one class of 8 children in the morning, to over 250 students across our half-day classes held during the morning and afternoons. Through our curriculum, students who do not come from Christian backgrounds or families are learning to trust God with their lives and the lives of their families. We have enrolled students who have individual learning needs and launched a model special needs classroom integration program for kindergartens. We offer parent support and classes through our extra-curricular parenting and helpers courses, and continually reach out to community organizations, opening our doors to help them serve their particular constituents and beneficiaries.

In January 2011, the sponsoring body’s name was officially amended from Small World Christian Kindergarten to Generations Christian Education. This newly named sponsoring body encompasses the vision of the entire organization — to see generations of children in Hong Kong receive quality education based on sound biblical and moral foundations.