Welcome From our Principals

Welcome to Small World Christian Kindergarten! It is our pleasure to introduce you to our school that is now celebrating 30 years of operation!

Small World is dedicated to providing Hong Kong children and families with Christian kindergarten education focusing on whole-child learning. We adhere to the belief that each child entrusted to us has been created with unique and special gifts and talents. Our kindergarten is committed to helping each child begin their journey of learning with a firm foundation, built upon faith in God, themselves and respect of others. We offer a curriculum that builds a child’s confidence – igniting their desire to learn! Over 30 years we have seen the success of our model proven over and over again.

Our school community also supports our ethos from parents and staff to alumni! We have been privileged to hear beautiful stories and testimonies of former students who have become leaders in their respective fields, while bearing witness to lesson learned at our kindergarten which formed a basis for their self-esteem and confidence.

These stories are a key indicator that God is blessing our efforts for your children. That as we strive to continue to provide sound foundation lessons focusing on intellectual, physical, social-emotional and spiritual aspects of each child, we gain future life-long learners who strive to do their best in all areas.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and learn more about the wonderful learning taking place. We look forward with joy and enthusiasm as your children blossom under our care.

Join us as we celebrate our 30th anniversary with great joy and gratitude!



Tess Baguio Gail Maidment
Principal Founding Principal/School Supervisor
gail maidment