Pray for Us

One of the most important, and easiest, ways to support Small World Christian Kindergarten is with your prayers. We have witnessed God’s answer to prayer and his guidance time and time again, so we really do covet your prayers.

Please include the items below in your prayers:

  • For families who are looking for school spaces for their children in Hong Kong, that Small World Christian Kindergarten will provide timely answers to meet their needs within this community.
  • Pray for the staff and students of Small World Christian Kindergarten for safety, protection of  their health and that the presence of God will bring peace, enthusiasm and energy to our school community.
  • To fill any vacancies with suitably trained and experienced staff, who will adhere to our educational philosophy and fit all professional requirements.


For students
Health and safety; an open mind and heart to learn; to play and work in harmony with other students; positive relationships with teachers and parents
For staff
Wisdom and patience to teach; love and care for students and other staff; strength and energy each day; teamwork and co-operation; quick adjustment of teachers new to Small World Christian Kindergarten
For parents
Prepare a warm and loving home; time to spend with children; to take an interest in what children learn and do at school
For school
Pray for sufficient finances to meet our needs.