Student life at Small World

Creating an environment where students can learn, develop, and thrive.

Daily life

School Year

August-June (three terms)

Our school calendar is aligned with Generations Christian Education schools and other international schools in Hong Kong.

Daily Schedule

(Monday to Friday)

Morning Session – 9AM-12PM
Afternoon Session – 1PM-4PM


At Small World, children attend either Junior Kindergarten (K1) or Senior Kindergarten (K2) classes according to age, so that each child receives developmentally appropriate learning experiences that best support and enhance his or her growth.

Each class has 2 qualified Early Years classroom teachers at all times, with learning assistants offering additional support as needed.

School Bus

Our school buses are operated by a private bus company, which runs multiple routes to cover a wide area of Hong Kong Island. The buses are fitted with seat belts, and bus mothers along with drivers take great care of children while on the road.

Our Campus

Historic Complex

Small World Christian Kindergarten is housed in a historic Victorian brick complex, formerly a British military hospital, now renovated and adapted for school use. The building, located in the Mid-Levels District of Hong Kong Island, is surrounded by large, shady old trees and large outdoor playground space.

Outdoor Time

Unstructured outdoor play is part of our children’s daily lives. Small World children learn to seek out exercise, explore their creativity and appreciate the beauty of nature in our enclosed, leafy playground. The outdoors is also incorporated into teaching time: children learn about the growing cycle as they plant seeds and watch them sprout.

Quotes from our staff members

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  • I am glad that I have allowed God to lead me to towards discovering Small World. My colleagues, the children and their families are always reminding me of His love. I feel peace in my heart; I am so far away from my family, yet rested in this community.

    Teacher/Learning Leader
  • I enjoy working at Small World because every member of staff commits so seriously to what we do each day. We are driven by a mission, meeting and greeting each day and each person with passion, immense energy, and love.

  • Small World is not only a school, a place for fun learning, but it is also like my home. The teachers, parents and children have good relationships and share the same vision – loving for today. Not only is knowledge taught, but focus is also placed on the whole development of children. Small World is a warm and welcoming school where children feel safe and loved.


Quotes from our Parents

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  • Small World laid a great foundation for our girls to value themselves and their education. Twenty-five years later we still have fun remembering the lessons we all learnt, and as parents we received great encouragement too.

    Small World Alumni Parents
  • Both our boys attended Small World because we believed that their curriculum was both spiritually and academically well balanced. Moreover their staff members embodied the kind of genuine love and care our children would need to transition from home to school in order to learn and thrive. We are forever grateful to the teachers and leadership of Small World!

    Small World Alumni Parents
  • Small World provided a warm, caring environment for my daughters and I am convinced it played a large role in helping them to develop into confident, kind young women. The school puts emphasis exactly where it should be at the pre-school age – on social skills. The girls loved it, and so did I.

    Small World Alumni Parents
  • My four sons are the second generation of children in my family to attend Small World Christian Kindergarten. We love the nurturing and holistic approach to early childhood education, warm and connected school community, inclusive and internationally diverse student body, and commitment to showing God’s love to children. Small World’s teachers, students, and families have been a great blessing to us and the city of Hong Kong.

    Small World Parent


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